Parenting by Connection Online Master Class
أبريل 14, 2020
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For the third year in a row, we at Tanshi2a are proud to bring you another amazing parenting by connection event in collaboration with Hand in Hand Parenting.

وضيفتنا هذه المرة هي Patty Wipfler, The Founder and Director of Hand in Hand Parenting.

The class will take place from Tuesday 14th of April to Wednesday 22nd

This master class is designed to offer you a unique opportunity to acquire new skills and tools necessary to build the meaningful connection that parents need to thrive, along with gaining a community of people to help and support you. These skills are especially valuable during times of crisis.

 Day Time

(Dubai Time)

Webinar #1Tuesday (April 14th)8pm- 11pm·       Group Welcome and Introduction

·       Introduction to Hand in Hand and Core ideas

·       Connection, Listening, Intelligence

·       Listening Partnership

Support Session #1Wednesday (April 15th)9pm-10pmSupport group
Webinar #2 Thursday (April 16th) 8pm-10pm·       How Children’s Emotions Work

·       How to Build a Closer Connection

 Friday (April 17th) Break
 Saturday (April 18th) Break
Support Session #2Sunday (April 19th)9pm-10pmSupport Group
Webinar #3Monday (April 20th)9pm-11pm·       Why Children’s Behaviour Goes “Off Track”

·       Building Confidence through Laughter

Support Session #3Tuesday (April 21st)9pm-10pmSupport Group
Webinar #4Wednesday (April 22nd)9pm-11pm·       Preteens and Teens

·       Supporting Children with Medical Procedures

·       Ending


قناعتنا راسخة بأن الآباء والأمهات قادة بفطرتهم، متى ما حصلوا على الدعم الملائم وتعلموا الاقتراب من أطفالهم ليسمعوهم ويفهموهم كما هم، وبذلك يربون جيلاً من المبدعين المنتجين القادرين على حل المشكلات وتغيير العالم نحو الأفضل.
شاركونا اليوم، ولنكن سوية جزءاً من مجتمع تربوي متراحم يلبي فيه الأهل حاجات أبنائهم، ويحملون معهم همومهم وأحلامهم.


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